Guerilla: Xbox360 not mighty enough for Killzone 2

killzone2.jpgKillzone 2 developers lay some smack on the Xbox 360 in a recent interview with Official PlayStation Magazine UK.

When talking about single vs multi-platform developing, Guerrilla managing director Herman Hulst had this to say: “It’s a huge benefit. If you’re developing a game on multiple platforms there are restrictions you always have to take into consideration. We are taking huge advantage of the architecture of PS3. I firmly believe that what we’ve shown we can get out of that machine would be difficult, if not impossible, to deliver on a competing machine.”

Steven Ter Heide, Killzone 2 producer, jumped in: “I would say impossible. We literally can’t do this stuff on any machine other than the PS3. If you’re developing a multiplatform game, and looking at your budgets, you have to find a common denominator between the systems and say: that’s what I’m developing for. Whereas someone focused on a single platform can really take advantage of everything it has to offer.

“If you’re not willing to make that investment then you’re going to lose out on some options. To make it simple, the Xbox 360 doesn’t have SixAxis or Blu-ray. PlayStation 3 does. And for us that’s a really big thing. The level you’ve just seen is 2GB. We really need Blu-ray to make the game. I don’t know how you could fit it on Xbox 360 without taking some shortcuts.”

It was always fun when Peter Moore responded to to this kind of smack talk but now that he’s resigned, we fear this will go unanswered.