Call of Duty 4 Collector’s Edition announced


Activision has announced the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Collector’s Edition for Xbox 360 and PC. Yup, for some reason PS3 doesn’t get in on the fun this time around.

The CE’s will be different for both systems but the 360 version without a doubt takes the cake.

The Xbox 360 Collector’s Edition includes:

  • a special hardcover book featuring exclusive concepts, never-before-seen imagery and final artwork
  • a bonus behind-the-scenes DVD containing more than four hours of interviews and features
  • an exclusive documentary exploring the British S.A.S from World War II to modern day
  • a series of “making of” vignettes highlighting Infinity Ward’s research, technology and story development for CoD4: Modern Warfare

As for PC gamers, they also get the hardcover art book plus..wait for it..a strategy guide! And not just a strategy guide but a digital copy of it! Considering the guide has detailed top-down maps and multiplayer strategies, it would have been nice if you could actually use it while playing. But hey, you can always print it out yourself.

The Collector’s Edition will launch alongside the other versions on November 5.