Sony orders ‘high-end’ brochures for PS3

sonyps3.jpgSony UK has ordered over 250,000 “high-end” brochures with the purpose of “deepening consumer’s understanding” and “educating potential buyers about the benefits of the PlayStation 3”.

Now maybe it’s just me but announcing something like this makes Sony look like they believe the consumer is too dumb to make the right choice (the PS3 of course) and needs to be educated on the matter. While in reality, the choice isn’t really that hard when you got only two HD game consoles on the market. If you can’t afford both, which do you choose ? The one that you think has better games!

A shiny brochure is not the reason why people buy a games console Sony. Games are the reason people buy a games console. All the information about the consoles is already out there – you know, on the side of the box.

Putting out “lavishly produced 60-page perfect bound, matt laminate” brochures won’t do much.

Anyway, the brochures will be distributed at major shopping centres, department stores and transport hubs from early October. Scans and photos of it will surely make their way into the intertubes and when they do, we’ll see how “high-end” this thing is.

Now maybe I’m looking too deep into this but why put out a press release about a damn brochure in the first place ? If every time someone orders some marketing materials sent out a press release about it, we’d be knee deep in such press releases. If the thing does indeed turn out to be ├╝ber-cool then it’s better for the gamers to discover such things for themselves. And we WILL discover it. The news will spread like wildfire and will be much more effective (example 1, example 2).