The first of many Jericho trailers

Codemasters released the first of many videos profiling the squad members you’ll be playing as in Clive Barker’s Jericho. This first one focuses on Sgt. Frank Delgado, a pyromancer and heavy weapons expert.

Delgado is the squad’s heavy weapons expert and a skilled Pyromancer – one who speaks with fire. The source of his power is the entity of a living flame, a fire spirit, which lies encased within a protective shell on Delgado’s right arm.

In combat, Delgado unleashes the spirit as a roaring flame. Responding to Delgado’s commands, the fire spirit becomes a formidable weapon, razing the nightmarish enemies in its path. However, use of this fearsome living weapon comes at a cost: while the spirit is free, Delgado’s arm burns with a searing pain, draining his energy. To be effective in combat, players must balance the use of the spirit against torturing Delgado to exhaustion.

The game will be released late October this year, so we’re expecting all the character videos to be released before that.