Don’t spam me, Microsoft.


I got a new message on Xbox LIVE when I woke up today. I deleted it in a moment of dissapointment so unfortunately I can’t quote it here but it basically asked what am I waiting for – that Halo 3 was out and I should get a Gold account to so I can play co-op over LIVE. Well, I’ve had a Gold account since late 2005, I’ve finished the Halo 3 Campaign and have been climbing through the Matchmaking ranks for a few days now. Why am I being asked to get a Gold account again ?

Sure, it didn’t take me long to delete the message but, with Microsoft being a software giant and all, how hard is it to differentiate between Silver/Gold subscribers and people who already have Halo 3 ?

The same goes for the ads that are displayed on the Dashboard – if the system knows I’ve been playing a game for a while then why in the world am I seeing ads about that game ?

In other words – Microsoft, please stop throwing advertisements about things I’ve already bought and played extensively at my face every single time I turn on my 360. I love LIVE but stuff like has got to go! Please? I already gave you my money so there’s nothing positive to be gained by spamming me.