Kane & Lynch multiplayer revealed

Eidos has revealed the Kane & Lynch multiplayer mode the guys at IO Interactive have been so secretive about. The mode is called ‘Fragile Alliance’ and is all about team work and then betraying that very team. Check out the full ‘Fragile Alliance’ details after the break and then head over to our Kane & Lynch: Dead Men gallery to check out the 14 screenshots that were also released today.

Kane & Lynch: Fragile Alliance – A new and innovative multiplayer mode based on greed, betrayal and revenge. A crew of 8. A fortified bank. $50 million, and 200 seconds to get away…

How to win: Escape with the most cash after your chosen number of heists (3-10)

Loyalty: Sometimes it pays off. Players in the alliance share the money equally between them.

Betrayal: If you kill another player, you are out of the alliance and marked a Traitor.

Upside to being a Traitor: You don’t have to share with anybody and you have a chance of getting away with more than all the ther suckers.

Downsides to being a Traitor:

  • The Revenge-Reward: Getting out won’t be easier. The player you killed respawns as a Kevlar-clad policeman with a hefty Reward on your head.
  • The Traitor-Reward: The remaining alliance members are free to kill you – they even get a reward for it.
  • Visible Gamer Tag: Your head tag will shine orange and be visible through walls – everybody will be have an easy time homing in on you.
  • Black Shirt: In the next round you spawn slightly to the side, wearing a black shirt, to warn people about your tendencies.

Being Police: When you get killed the first time, you respawn as police. If you get killed again, you’re out for the rest of the round.

Upsides to Being Police:
You still have an excellent chance of winning the round. Not only can you collect Rewards, but you can also hinder the alliance to get away with the cash. On top of that you can pick up any cash that is dropped by the alliance during the heist – and get an instant finder’s fee. Tax-free of course!

Downsides to Being Rich:
Your head tag will show how much cash you’re carrying – so you’re a prime target. Get used to it, and think before you pick up $ 1 million in front of a bunch of poor suckers.

Upside to Being Rich: Money Shields: When shot at, the money works as a shield. You can take more shots but the money will drop from you when it happens. You can either run and die poor – or stand and fight and pick up the cash again.

Downside to Being Poor: Nobody wants to share their score with you – watch your back!

Crouching hides your head tag: When in the alliance you can hide your gamer tag by crouching. So you can pick up $1 million and try and sneak off with it – or you can creep up on traitors waiting to ambush you.

Drop Money: You can choose to drop money to lower the reason to kill you, or to use it as bait for an ambush.

Get out: Run to the extraction point and your getaway vehicle will arrive. Do you dare to take it, with the risk of somebody blowing it up? You can’t wait forever you know. After 200 seconds, the round closes down and you get nothing!

Weapon Packs: Risk your hard earned money to buy weapon packs. It might be worth it.

Balaclava: The higher the placement in the game – the darker the balaclava – making it easy to figure out who you want to keep an eye on.

Character: The higher TrueSkill rank you have – the cooler character you’ll play with.

Quite exclusively: Number 1 in the world will play as Kane. Number 2 as Lynch.