Final Oblivion DLC on Monday


Pete Hines from Bethesda has revealed on his blog that the very last piece of downloadable content for Oblivion, Fighter’s Stronghold (screens after the break), will arrive on Monday, October 15th. It will be available for PC and Xbox 360 free of charge, for the first week.

Pete Hines: “Starting Monday, October 15 it will be available to download via Xbox Live (for Xbox 360) and (for PC). And, for one week, it will be free to anybody who wants to download it and play it.”

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A fully detailed castle for you to explore
  • Knights of the True Horn patrol the castle and do your bidding
  • Secret treasure vault
  • Upgrade the furnishings in every area of the castle
  • Hire a vintner to create special wines to enhance your fighting abilities
  • Hire a combat trainer to spar with
  • Hire a taxidermist to craft lifelike trophies for your great hall
  • Purchase an ancient Dwemer Forge that buffs your Armorer skill

PS3 games will have to sit this one out again, however Hines did wrote about bringing Shivering Isles to PS3:

“We are close, very close to working something out to bring Shivering Isles to PS3 owners. That may be in downloadable form via PSN, or as a standalone retail disc, or both. I can’t say definitively yet that it will happen, and I definitely can’t say when. But it’s looking good, and hopefully we’ll have good news soon.”

Here’s a few screens of the castle in Fighter’s Stronghold: