Project Offset officially 360-bound ?


Oh goodie, we haven’t heard anything about this glorious game for a while. Not only have new screenshots been released but the tech overview page on Offset’s website also states that the engine takes full advantage of the Xbox 360.

We don’t know how long the tech page has said that but some sites are reporting that it’s new which leads us to believe that Project Offset is coming to the 360 as well. Since the develeopers are looking for an Xbox 360 programmer to join the team, that indeed looks to be the case.

While the Project Offset team has been growing and apparently they’ve even scored a major publisher for the game (although they don’t say who it is), there’s no hope for a release date yet.

I’m betting since a bunch of people haven’t yet seen the latest magnificent (July) trailer for Project Offset, I’ve embedded it here. Heck, even if you’ve seen it already, it’s well worth your time to see it again. And afterwards check out the newest screenshots in our Project Offset gallery.