Eidos: Tomb Raider Anniversary still headed to Xbox 360


With the release of a new Wii trailer for Tomb Raider Anniversary earlier today, we were reminded that back in June, Eidos also announced the Xbox 360 version which should have been available already. The 360 version was supposed to become available in two forms – as downloadable episodic content through Xbox LIVE starting September and as boxed retail copies later in the year.

Since September has come and gone, we got a little worried and contacted Eidos about Lara’s disappearing act. Gareth Ramsay, International Public Relations Manager at Eidos Interactive, quickly responded to our inquiry and said that both the boxed and downloadable versions are still very much planned. And while he didn’t give us any dates, he did say new release dates will be announced soon.

So fear not, 360 gamers will still be able to enjoy the remake of the original Tomb Raider. Just a little later than originally planned. A little disappointing, sure. But hey, it’s not like there’s any shortage of great 360 games this year.