GameInformer reviews Mass Effect

Mass Effect is off to a great start. The first review we’ve seen is in the recent GameInformer magazine which gave it a 9.75 score. The magazine called it “a universe so full of wonder and awe” that they haven’t seen a sci-fi tale so galvanizing since Star Wars.

While the magazine praised everything that had to do with the story and the way it was told, the combat seemed unbalanced to them. But even that they called breathtaking. A few quotes from the review below:

“One of the greatest science fiction stories ever told, and a new benchmark for video game storytelling.”

“Every second of gameplay offers the visual quality you have come to expect from Final Fantasy cutscenes.”

“It’s an adventure so captivating that you’ll be counting the days for the sequel.”

“It’s an amazing work of fiction, a visual work of art, and a property that is so fully realized and so rich in its backstory that its content could fill countless games, books, and movies.”

Mass Effect is still on track for a November 20th release, which after reading this review seems oh so very far.

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