PlayStation 3 sales up 178%

ps340gbsales.jpgSince the introduction of the new 40GB unit and the price reduction of the 60GB unit in Europe last week, PlayStation 3 sales have gone up 178 per cent in the UK, according to data supplied to

With system sales on the rise, PS3 games are naturally selling better as well – Resistance: Fall of Man climbed the all-formats charts from 22 to 8, Heavenly Sword re-entered the top 40 at number 14, MotorStorm jumped from 22 to 18, and Formula 1: Championship Edition is also back in at number 24.

The price reduction and the new 40GB unit seemed to have has surely hit a sweet spot with the consumer. With the holidays and crazed shoppers upon us soon, Sony will likely continue to enjoy a rather nice burst in both console and software sales.