Lara’s Xbox 360 appearances dated


Looks like we bugged Eidos a few days too early – the Xbox 360 version of Tomb Raider Anniversary will be released at retail in just nine days, on October 26th, and as downloadable episodic content on Xbox LIVE some time in November, Eidos announced today.

Instead of the previously announced four episodes, the downloadable episodic content will now be released as two installments, each containing two chapters and the mansion level. If the pricing hasn’t changed since the original announcement, then the DLC will cost 2400 MS Points total. Keep in mind though that you need to have TR: Legend if you’re planning on downloading Anniversary.

Kathryn Clements, Senior Brand Manager for Tomb Raider: “Anniversary has already been a great success on PS2 and PC Games for Windows and now 360 owners will get the choice of either owning a boxed copy or downloading the game straight to their 360 hard drive.”