Another PS3 title in trouble?

Gaming site WHAM Gaming got a chance to play the much talked about Haze, the title that’s often referred to as PS3’s Halo. The game might not do for the PS3 what Halo has done for Xbox though. Apparently, at its current state, the game is “a complete mess” and NECTAR, the substance that’s supposed to give you superhuman abilities, “didn’t seem to do much but create colour streaks across the screen.”

They did leave a glimmer of hope by saying: “there’s still a chance this can give Halo a run for its money, but it’s got a lot of catching up to do.”

There’s also been a lot of confusion about Haze’s PS3 exclusivity, mostly thanks to Ubisoft’s confusing statements on the matter in the past. The best answer anyone’s been able to get out of them is that Haze is definitely a PS3-exclusive in 2007. That’s also what its being advertised as right now. So there’s still a chance the game will see daylight on Xbox 360 and PC sometime in the future. Of course the chances would definitely improve if the game would become a huge success on the PS3.

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