First Mass Effect DLC before year’s end

You have to admire it when developers have so much confidence in what they do that they’re already working on additional content even before a game is released. Such is the case with the 360-exclusive sci-fi RPG Mass Effect. Never mind the fact that Mass Effect is the first game in a trilogy, the developers are also working on more than one downloadable content packs for the first game.

In an interview with IGN AU, Bioware’s Community Coordinator Chris Priestly said gamers can expect the first DLC as soon as a month after the game hits retail and that by 2008, they would have at least one or two things up on Xbox LIVE.

The man also estimated that the second Mass Effect game should be available within two years. But that’s one of the great things about gaming these days, isn’t it – while 2 years seem like a long time, BioWare can pump out little packs of new downloadable content for the first game every now and then to keep the fans happy, while at the same time work on the second game.

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