[update] Crysis demo almost upon us

Update: the demo is now out, download locations here.

It won’t be long until every gamer on the planet can try out the most anticipated and talked about PC shooter in years – Crysis. The single-player demo, featuring the first level from the game titled “Contact,” will be available tomorrow, October 27th, at 1:00PM (GMT+1).

Back in August, Crytek’s Community Manager Alexander Marschal promised a surprise that turned out to be the Sandbox2 Editor which will be included with the single-player demo. But apparently Crytek has another surprise up their sleeves. A community note released today states: “The upcoming Singleplayer Demo including the Sandbox2 Editor is not the only surprise you can expect from us. Stay tuned for another news message sooner than you might think!”

Like the man said, stay tuned. In the meanwhile, check the system requirements and make sure you don’t have to run to the computer shop to run this beast of a game.

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