The beast is unleashed – Crysis demo out now

The time has finally come. After two delays, the Crysis single-player demo has finally been unleashed. The 1.8GB demo features the entire first level from the game and includes around 45 minutes of gameplay. Now, without any further distractions, here’s a list of places you can download the demo: NVIDIA nZone, FileShack, WorthPlaying, GamersHell, ActionTrip, Fragland, GGMania, Internode, Fileplanet, Servercommand, Gamespot

While you download, here’s a quote from Cevat Yerli, Crytek’s CEO, from a press release sent out yesterday by NVIDIA:

“Originally we set two extreme and mutually exclusive goals: 1) pushing the boundaries of interactivity and non-linearity, and 2) achieving a realistic experience where you forget you’re playing a game. With the deep technical expertise of NVIDIA’s world-class support team, we achieved these two seemingly impossible goals, defining the heart of Crysis. We developed Crysis on NVIDIA graphics processors and we recommend GeForce 8800 graphics cards for the best experience.”

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