No downloadable content for EA’s Skate

It seems that while EA usually milks every franchise as much as they possibly can, they do make exceptions every now and then. In an interview in the latest issue of EGM, EA Black Box Executive Producer Scott Blackwood said they’re not planning any new content for Skate 1: “We didn’t want to go back and ask [people] for more money to get more shoes and shirts. That’s not how we wanted to enter this market.”

On a slightly different subject, some gamers were disappointed that the developers chose not to include playable female characters in the game. Blackwood explained: “We really wanted women to be in there and have all sorts of cool stuff to wear and hairstyles. You have to choose between watering the whole thing down and making it just really mediocre for everybody, or do you focus? We decided to focus. I will say, however, that was the hardest decision on this project. But we are going to make it up to you. When we do it — and we will — it’s going to be done very well.”