OPM gives Modern Warfare a perfect 10

Call of Duty games have always been first class but the whole WWII theme has been done to death in the industry. With Call of Duty 4, Infinity Ward took the leap and brought the game into modern times. And it certainly looks like they made the right choice in wanting to tell their own story and take the franchise to the next level.

The game has genereated a lot of interest and it’s single player campaign, although short, has been garnering an insane amount of praise. Official PlayStation Magazine has reviewed the game and gave it a golden 10 out 10. Here’s a few lines from the review to get you even more hyped about it:

“It’s a savage shcooling in the future of first person shooters.”

“It’s a chaotically exhilirating experience.”

“..it’s an experience that never dips below astonishing as you jet around the globe, saving the free world. One dead tango at a time.”

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare will be released for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in early November. If you’re a PC gamer and still haven’t tried the demo, then it’s about time you do.

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