Bly-ray win inevitable, says Disney president

President of Disney Studios Home Entertainment, Bob Chapek, said yesterday that Blu-ray’s win in the HD format war is “inevitable,” The Hollywood Reporter reports. According to Chapek, companies backing HD-DVD are only prolonging the format war.

Here’s what the Disney president had to say near the conclusion of a two-day Blu-ray Festival in Hollywood: “Blu-ray’s competition’s attempts to sell less than the best will inevitably be trumped by what we stated from the very beginning: That the Blu-ray technology is not a half-step format that will sell consumers short, but rather it is a revolutionary technology that will change the way we view movies for the long term. And we firmly believe that revolutionary technology, my friends, is indisputably, undeniably and inevitably Blu-ray.”

Undoubtedly, that’s a rather bold statement. Especially considering that Microsoft and Toshiba have such studios as Paramount Home Entertainment and DreamWorks backing their HD-DVD format exclusively.