PC Gamer reviews Crysis: 98%

Some sites and forums are reporting that the latest issue of PC Gamer magazine has given Crysis a review score of 98%. Here’s what the magazine says about the game:

Highs: A graphical powerhouse, immersive, open-ended sandbox that encourages emergent gameplay, well-placed storyline, meticulously detailed; engrossing multiplayer, included map editor.
: Alien AI not as spectacular as North Korean AI; enemies can sometimes absorb too much damage; a few minor glitches.
Bottom Line: Destined to be a classic, Crysis is a creative and technological marvel that eclipses every other shooter released this year.

This review is a mighty fine start for Crysis, it certainly looks like Crytek has a game that delivers on the hype on their hands. And now that the game is finished and has been sent to manufacturing, the release date – November 16th – can not come fast enough.

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