Australian magazine gives Mass Effect 10/10

The reviews for Mass Effect are slowly starting to pop up and thus far, the game has been getting extremely positive scores. An Australian Xbox 360 magazine has added to that by giving Mass Effect a perfect 10, calling it an RPG that’s truly out of this world.

“Mass Effect is just the first chapter in an epic trilogy. It’s a galaxy-spanning adventure that’s approachable for RPG-haters thanks to the fun of its combat while still appealing to RPG purists thanks to the dizzying level of customisation for yours characters persanality, abilities and weaponary. Mass Effect is an RPG with certified mass appeal, and along with BioShock it’s one of the finest forms of pure escapism the video game medium has served up in this console generation.”

The release of this 360-exclusive sci-fi epic is just a few weeks away and will hit store shelves starting November 20th.

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