BioShock wins BAFTA Best Game of The Year Award

2K Games sent out a press release today announcing the Best Game Of The Year Award that BioShock received from British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA).

Neil Ralley, General Manager of 2K International, who attended the ceremony and received the award: “This is a huge accomplishment for us and a fantastic achievement for video games. BioShock is a testament to the unfailing creativity, expertise and efforts of our Boston and Canberra, Australia-based development studios. Furthermore, it demonstrates that compelling and original games, if properly supported, are capable of achieving immense popularity. We’re very proud of BioShock’s critical and commercial success.”

Released in August, the ‘M’ rated BioShock quickly became the highest rated Xbox 360 title on Metacritic with an average score of 96/100 and has only recently tied with The Orange Box from Valve. It’s definitely been one of the most talked about games of the year and you can count on this not being the last GotY that BioShock brings home this year.