Destineer licenses Unreal Engine 3

Destineer, the studio formed by former Bungie Software executive vice president Peter Tamte, has licenced Unreal Engine 3. Not a single piece of information was released about the project Epic’s powerhouse of a game engine is being used for but as it always is with such announcements, here are quotes from the big shots of both companies:

Peter Tamte, president of Destineer: “The Unreal Engine 3 is an impressively versatile piece of technology, and we are very excited to utilize it for our unannounced project. We are using the Unreal Engine to make a game for a genre in which you would not expect to see it. The engine is performing marvelously and Epic’s support has been top-notch.”

Mark Rein, vice president of Epic: “We’re excited to be working with Destineer. They’re doing some innovative things with Unreal Engine 3 that people might not expect to see. We’ve been encouraging companies to use their imagination and think outside the box with Unreal Engine 3, and it is exciting to see that the message is starting to pay off.”