[Update 2] Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune demo out now

Update 2: Yup, the demo is region locked and “does not allow for cross-region play.” This is an official response that Kotaku managed to get from Sony Computer Entertainment America. The Japanese and PAL demos will both be released “soon,” but no release dates were provided.

It would have been nice if either Sony or Naughty Dog would have at least mentioned that this was going to be a NA-only demo initially. There’s a LOT of European PS3 owners on the official PlayStation blog and countless gaming sites/forums shouting naughty words in their direction right now.

Update: A lot of people from Europe are having problems running the demo. After installing and starting it, the screen either goes black or displays the following message: “Please insert the game disc.” Has the demo been region locked or just not tested properly ? We don’t know yet, expect an update as soon as official sources say something on the matter.

The much talked about and long-awaited demo of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune is now available for download on the PlayStation Store. The demo is a hefty 1.20GB download but is downloading pretty quickly at the moment so get it the first chance you get, before the speeds go down the drain.

Drake’s Fortune is without a doubt one of the most anticipated PlayStation 3 titles this year, possibly in the system’s entire life span so far even. So the success of this game means a great deal to both Sony and Naughty Dog, to whom Drake’s Fortune is just the first game in a franchise.

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