Analyst: Call of Duty 4 will outsell Halo 3

Todd Greenwald, an analyst from Nollenberger Capital Partners, seems to think Call of Duty 4 will do so well that it might even outsell Halo 3.

Greenwald (via The Escapist): “Call of Duty 4, which was released two days ago by Activision, appears to be in extremely high demand and is sold out across the board. We’ve checked with a wide range of retailers (Gamestop, Wal-Mart, Target) and only pre-orders are being satisfied – stores are otherwise sold out of the title.”

Thus far, the game has an average score of 9.5/10 on, which is almost unprecedented and puts it on par with Halo 3. It certainly is the highest-rated game Activision has ever created. Keep in mind, CoD4 is launching on four times as many platforms (Xbox 360, PlayStation3, PC, DS) as Halo 3 (360 only). Halo 3 has so far sold about 4 million units. A year ago, Call of Duty 3 sold about 3 million units, and we anticipate this year’s version could do four million or more.”

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is no doubt a great game but it’s going to be difficult to compete with a title that had a 10 million dollar advertising budget and what became the biggest launch is US entertainment history.