Bizarre releases tutorial video for The Club

To accompany the first trailer that was released about a week ago, Bizarre has released a second video from their upcoming ‘The Club’ game. While the first video was designed to introduce the characters you’ll be able to play as, this one is a tutorial. Here’s how Bizarre describes this video:

The video explains the scoring and combo systems, and prepares you for your first play session. In fact, don’t worry too much if you miss the precise details: the first playable area of The Club is populated with skullshots and wooden targets instead of real-life deadly enemies – allowing you to get the hang of the controls and weaponry before facing off against armed opponents.

That’s pretty much where the slow(ish) pace ends though. The rest of the game demands that the player keeps up their forward motion, testing the fastest of reflexes as well as the ability to kill quickly and move to the next point-scoring opportunity. Don’t expect to be hiding in cover in The Club… sprinting toward the next enemy is the order of the day.