Uncharted UK demo on the 22nd

Yesterday was the day when the much expected demo of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune arrived on PSN. But during the weeks of hyping the demo, Sony and Naughty Dog both ‘forgot’ to mention that it would be available in North America only, and that caused quite the uproar by gamers around the globe.

But all is not lost – Sony promised yesterday that the PAL and Japanese demos will be released soon and Sony Europe has now confirmed to IGN that the demo will arrive on UK’s PlayStation Store on November 22nd.

It’s extremely disappointing that Europe will only get the demo three days after the full game becomes available in North America, but more so is the fact that Sony has once again demonstrated their lack of communication skills. One thing is for sure – Sony needs to start paying more attention and deliver necessary information on time to their European fan base.

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