Mass Effect scores big with OXM

The Official Xbox Magazine has reviewed Mass Effect and like some early reviews have suggested, the game is da bomb. OXM has given it a perfect 10 and says it has the “best story ever told in a videogame, period.” The reviewer, Paul Curthoys, even goes as far as saying it’s the best game he’s ever played.

A little snippet from the review: “The experience as a whole – the sense of awe that lasts all game long, and the emotions in your gut as you sit back at the end and just gape – pays off all on its own. Personally, it’s the best game I’ve ever played, but even if you’re not a hardcore sci-fi nerd like me, Mass Effect is a transcendent experience, the new standard-setter for what a game can be. You have to play it, and that’s why we’re kinda jealous of you. Even if you memorized all the previews and trailers, you’re still not ready for how awesome this game is.”

Mass Effect will hit store shelves starting November 20th, although some gamers got lucky and already have the game.

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