Crysis review roundup

CryTek’s latest FPS sure is getting a hot reception – while not without problems, just like FarCry in 2004, Crysis is being hailed as one of the best first-person shooters ever made and a game that pushes industry a huge step forward on both the graphics and gameplay departments.

Pretty much all the reviews also do a good job of stating the obvious – if you want to run the game with all the bells and whistles enabled, you’re going to need a beast of a PC.

GameDaily, 9/10: “There’s nothing quite as exciting as trying to find refuge in a small house, only to have its roof blown off by an attack chopper, being atop a guard tower as it topples over or watching a trees collapse from heavy explosives.”

EuroGamer, 9/10: “It’s far better than Far Cry, and it’s clearly going to create a rabid army of fans, many of whom I hope will plug themselves into the absurdly easy-to-us level editor and create us more single-player campaigns. Personally I’d like to see where this astounding world-forging technology will take us. And I can’t wait to see what Crytek will do next.”

Actiontrip, 91/100: “If we’re talking about the atmosphere and design in general, then we’re talking about one of the best aspects of Crysis. Some of the scenes in this game can easily outmatch most modern-day Hollywood flicks. This especially becomes apparent when the player comes in close contact with the alien species – their design looks creepy and beautiful at the same time.”

CVG, 9.2/10: “Crysis is a graphical marvel, it boasts the best application of physics I’ve ever come across and, in the nanosuit, a gimmick that genuinely brings something original and exciting to the table.

IGN, 9.4/10: “The impressive visuals are so far beyond Far Cry’s that it’s hard to even comprehend what Crytek, given another few years of development time, will be able to come up with. It’s not only the technical aspects that are impressive; it’s the detail of the models, architecture, and textures. Whether it’s the frost on the gun barrels or change in color of the nano-suit for different abilities, the little touches are everywhere.”

GameTap, 10/10: “When you’re not shooting, you’re watching cinematic cutscenes featuring terse, straightforward dialogue that wouldn’t be out of place in movies like Commando, Rambo, Aliens, or Predator. Combine those scenes with open-ended combat and gorgeous visuals, and you have an interactive version of the pure action combat experience of those movies.”

GameSpot video review, 9.5/10:

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