Sega’s Musler: PS3 will catch up to 360

In a recent interview with, Sega’s Noah Musler expressed his optimism towards PS3 catching up to and even surpassing the 360. When asked about the recent price cuts and the number of different PS3 models now available, Musler replied:

Well, they can’t hurt, right? It’s better than $600. To have the variety of prices out there for consumers is certainly not going to hurt the platform.

I think it has still got a little bit of time to grow. But all of our projections… I think that most analysts would agree that PS3 is going to catch up to the 360, if not surpass it, as more and more big titles come out.

Microsoft has done a good job of closing the gap between the platforms. I don’t think they are in the situation they were in with the PS2 and Xbox 1, but it is still too soon to say.

Fortunately, there are a lot of videogame consumers out there, and the market continues to grow. People want to play games, and the games keep getting better. The development community is really driving that by making great product.

They also touched on the subject of PS2 which is still very important to Sony. Musler said Sega is being more selective about what they put on the platform, but that they refer to the same analysts as everyone else and they think the PS2 could be vital through 2009.