Halo 3 map pack on December 11th

Earlier last month we learned that Bungie has been working on some new multi-player maps for Halo 3 but didn’t have confirmation of when they might become available. Well, now we do – today, Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie announced the maps as the first downloadable map pack for Halo 3. Titled “The Heroic Map Pack,” it will become available on December 11th for 800 Microsoft Points and will include three new maps: Standoff, Rat’s Nest and Foundry.

Here’s a quick note from Bungie about how Matchmaking will work once the new content becomes available:

When Halo 2’s downloadable content joined the Internet, it effectively split the Matchmaking population into the “haves” and the “have-nots,” Bungie was readily aware of the problem that caused, and has rectified it in Halo 3. First, when downloadable content arrives, it will have its own playlist for those folks who just want to play with their new toys. Simultaneously all of the DLC maps will be rolled in to the regular Matchmaking playlists as well and then as folks are getting matched up, the game will take into account who has what maps in the matchmaking process. So you’ll see Team Slayer on Standoff show up in the Team Slayer hopper as well as in the new DLC-focused playlist.

800 MS Points for just three maps seems a bit much but if you have the patience, you can always wait it out and download them for free in Spring ’08.