BioShock developer shows no love for PS3

Never mind the fact that developer 2K has outright stated that BioShock won’t be arriving on PS3, their next project won’t make it to Sony’s new system either if a job posting on Gamasutra is to be believed.

2K Boston is looking for new talent to join their 50 man team for a new project that’s in development for Xbox 360 and Windows platforms, artistic talent to be exact:

“Do you believe video games are art? WE DO! 2K Boston, the studio behind the art-deco inspired underworld dystopia known as Rapture, is looking for talented Artists to help bring our next vision to life.”

BioShock already has and will most likely win a lot more Game of the Year awards. And rightfully so, the game is absolutelt brilliant. Makes you wonder what it is exactly that they’re working on now.