CNET issues official comment on Gerstmann axing

CNET has issued an official statement regarding the recent firing of long time GameSpot employee Jeff Gerstmann. Jeff Gerstmann was apparently fired from GameSpot because he gave Kane & Lynch: Dead Men a low review score of 6 out of 10, which caused the games’ publisher Eidos Interactive to pull hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of advertising from GameSpot.

The statement reads: “GameSpot takes its editorial integrity extremely seriously. For over a decade, Gamespot and the many members of its editorial team have produced thousands of unbiased reviews that have been a valuable resource for the gaming community. At CNET Networks, we stand behind the editorial content that our teams produce on a daily basis.”

Ok, so that tells us exactly NOTHING except that CNET no longer has to worry about standing behind Gerstmann’s review scores. Hopefully – we’re not holding our breath though – Eidos will release a statement that would shine a little more light on the whole incident.