Sony: Microsoft’s Black Friday estimates “way off”

Microsoft revealed numbers on Thursday showing that Xbox 360 sold 310,000 units during the Black Friday week. Compared to Wii’s 350,000, that’s pretty damn good. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg even said the 360’s new Arcade package is selling better than expected and that that top retailers had reported Xbox 360 hardware outages during Black Friday week.

Microsoft claimed that, based on retail estimates, the 360 outsold the PS3 2 to 1 during Black Friday week. But Sony doesn’t buy what what Microsoft is selling. Sony representative Kimberly Otzman has said that Microsoft’s estimates are “way off.”

“It’s (Sony Computer Entertainment America) policy not to disclose our unit sales numbers until NPD numbers are officially released which will be December 13th. However, I can assure you that Microsoft’s estimates of our PS3 unit sales numbers are way off and they did not outsell PS3 2:1 during Black Friday week,” the Sony spokesperson told Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Looks like we have an old fashioned ‘she said, he said’ type of cases on our hands. Let’s wait for the official NPD numbers to who’s telling the white little lie this time.