Sony: PlayStation 3 will last a decade

When talking about Sony’s holiday presence this year and how they plan to lure over the holiday shopper, Sony’s senior vice president of marketing Peter Dille brought up Sony’s longevity angle again and said that the consumer should choose the PS3 because it will last them 10 years, while also reminding about the free online service.

Peter Dille: “Well, quite frankly, it is always competitive in this business, and there is no better time to be a gamer than right now as there are many great console and content choices to choose from. And if you want the most technologically advanced gaming system that will stand the test of time for the next 10 years and comes with a free online gaming service, then the PS3 is a perfect choice.

“The technical horsepower in PlayStation 3 is something that you just won’t find anywhere else. That, combined with the included Blu-ray drive and continually expanding features of the free PlayStation Network makes PlayStation 3 the best choice on the market. We have a proven 10 year lifecycle on our hardware platforms, so consumers can be confident they’ll experience great entertainment options for years to come. Prior to the holiday season, the two big concerns we would hear about from our fans was the cost of the PS3 and the release of big games. Today, we’re seeing great momentum following the lower price of the PlayStation 3, and we’ve been delivering a steady diet of great software for the system. Games like Heavenly Sword and Warhawk and Folklore and Eye of Judgment and Pain and Uncharted and Ratchet. And that’s just from Sony – there’s a ton of great third party games too. It’s not just one or two genres – we’re hitting every gaming taste, whether you’re a hardcore or casual gamer. There are more than 160 games including 19 exclusives. We think all of this positions us very well for this holiday season, into 2008 and for the next 10 years.”