Gerstmann: I stand behind my work

Jeff Gerstmann, the man who was fired from CNET-owned GameSpot for allegedly using a wrong tone in his Kane & Lynch: Dead Men review, said in an email that he stands behind his work, regardless of where he does it.

“I stand behind my work, regardless of where I do it. If there was content that I felt I couldn’t support, it wouldn’t see the light of day. If factual errors are made, I have no problem owning up to that error, correcting it, noting that a correction has been made, and feeling like an idiot for making the mistake in the first place.”

Some sources claimed that he didn’t play Kane & Lynch enough to give it a fair review. To those he has this to say:

“A reviewer’s Xbox Live Gamercard is rarely a good place to look for answers about how much that reviewer has (or hasn’t) played a game. For the record, I saw both endings in Kane & Lynch before writing about it.”

Gerstmann says he has thinking about moving into game development but this has things to say in the editorial side. has been in contact with people on both sides.

“Losing a job you’ve held for over 11 years in an abrupt manner is shocking, yes. I’m not really sure what I want to do next. This whole situation has left me with a lot to think about. While this sort of clean break would be an acceptable time to think about trying game development, I feel like I still have more to say and do on the editorial side of the fence, too.”