Rainbow Six Vegas 2 details emerge

While Ubisoft officially announced Rainbow Six Vegas 2 a few weeks ago, they released absolutely no details about what new features the game would offer, if any. Fortunately that’s changed now as The Official Xbox Magazine has revealed some nice pieces of information.

For one, Vegas2 will have eleven new weapons for you to play around and shoot the heavily modified enemy A.I. with. The story is partly sequel and partly prequel and you can play as either a male or a female character, plus you’ll be able to customize your character in a number of different ways.

As for the multiplayer, 11 new maps (some are Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield remakes by the way) and 2 new game modes will be available. There won’t be any annoying waiting in the lobby anymore as you’ll be able to join a game that has already started. And finding matches should be quicker too, as there’s a new Search function.

Ubisoft also promises that the framerate will be much higher, which of course is always welcome. And finally, like we already knew, Vegas 2 is planned for release in March 2008 for Xbox360, PS3 and PC.