Frontlines: Fuel of War demo on Xbox LIVE

THQ has thrown the singleplayer demo for Frontlines: Fuel of War up on Xbox LIVE. The demo includes the second mission in the campaign mode where you have to secure a number of objectives by using the means you find most appropriate. You can use a few cool gadgets like remote controlled drones, snipe your way through or go on an all out frontal assault. You’ll get to hop in a tank later in the mission for some escalated destruction as well.

The game itself also poses an interesting question – what would happen if our oil reserves were about to run out? A very important question in the real world today. In the game, two major alliances have been created – the Western Coalition (United States and European Union) and the Red Star Alliance (Russia & China). And the two naturally don’t see eye to eye and must duke it out over our planets remaining energy sources, using cool futuristic technology on huge battlefields.

The full game will allow you to use 60 next-gen vehicles and weapons that were created in collaboration with a team of military advisors and inspired by military designs for the near future. This includes remote controlled drones, gun cams, and next-generation counter-measures systems, all of which are player-controllable.

Players will be able to take the war to their enemy using everything from guided smart bombs and remote control combat drones to the good old fashioned assault rifle. The unique Frontline mechanic employed in this game ensures that the gameplay is intense and fast-paced at all times as well as giving players the freedom to explore the maps fully.

No word yet if and when the demo might arrive on PS3. Tomorrow is the day when PSN receives its weekly updates so keep your fingers crossed.

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