Microsoft struggling to meet demand in UK

In a recent Q&A session, Microsoft’s UK head of gaming and entertainment Stephen McGill said that Microsoft is having problems meeting demand on a weekly basis in the UK.

Taking a jab at Nintendo’s recent Wii advertising cancellations, he said: “We’re struggling to meet the demand from every retailer every week. I think we’ve probably done it better than some of our cohorts out there, but it’s a weekly thing–we’re getting stock in, we’re getting it straight out to the retailers who need it. Obviously we’ve got three different varieties: We’ve got the Arcade, the main 360, and the Elite. They’re going to different types of customers, and different retail outlets.”

He called Christmas is a fun time but said that part of the difficulty is actually finding enough vans to ship the 360’s. But surely they’ll manage. And have a very profitable holiday season in the process.