Haze faces nine month delay?

Ubisoft has updated their online store which now takes pre-orders for their upcoming Haze game. The sad thing is, the store shows August 2008 as the release date.

Either this is a huge error or there’s something horribly wrong with the game. Just last month Sony included Haze in their 2007 holiday line-up. And a month before that, it was announced that Korn has written a song for the game that was supposed to be released in November to coincide with the launch of Haze. And now, some online stores show it with a January release date while some show March. So it’s pretty clear no one has any idea when the game will actually be released.

Ubisoft isn’t helping matters with their silence either. It would surely be nice if they sent out a press release with the official release date, if it is indeed coming out any time soon.

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