Sony files for Resistance 2 trademark

Resistance: Fall of Man has remained the premium shooter for PS3 since its launch alongside the system in late ’06. No wonder then that there have been numerous rumors flying around that developer Insomniac Games is working on a sequel. There hasn’t been any official announcements yet but what has been uncovered recently is the closest we’ll probably ever get to one before the actual confirmation of the title’s existence: last week, on December 28th, Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) filed to trademark Resistance 2.

According to some reports, Resistance 2 is ready for pre-alpha testing and Sony will begin hiring testers in January to put the game through a stress test.

If you choose to believe the rumor mill, then the mysterious industry insider known as ‘Surfer Girl’ has said that Resistance 2 will have both aerial and ground vehicles in multiplayer, and will end with a cliffhanger ending that will set up Resistance 3.