Microsoft on another banning spree

Next to having problems with Xbox LIVE over the past few days, Microsoft has recently earned the anger of a number of 360 owners for another reason as well. It seems Microsoft has once again taken on the task of banning modded consoles from Xbox LIVE and again, innocent 360 owners seem to be getting caught in the middle.

ZDNet’s Adrian Kingsley-Hughes wrote a little over a week ago that he’s received a number of emails from users who complain that their unmodded consoles have been banned from Xbox LIVE. What makes matters worse is that Microsoft currently has no system in place that would assist people who have been wrongfully banned. In his post, Kingsley-Hughes ‘forcibly’ suggests that Microsoft must put in place a system that does just that. And I’m betting there is no soul on this planet that would disagree with him.

The current solution to being banned is buying a new console. But if you’re banned wrongfully, then that solution is of course pure nonsense and – just stating the obvious here – Microsoft should do everything in their power to fix their error as soon as possible.