[Update] Account hacked for special Halo 3 armor

There’s a much desired armor variation that many hardcore Halo 3 players desire. It’s called the Halo 3 Recon Armor and is specially made for Bungie employees and a few select gamers they choose to give it to. So it can’t be earned by just playing the game and unlocking stuff.

Halo 3 gamer ‘Skyllus vBi’ was one of those lucky people to be on the receiving end of this special armor – for shooting himself in the head with his own Sniper Rifle (video) – but it’s turned into kind of a curse for the poor guy.

As always, there are some jealous people who just can’t keep their hands to themselves and must do anything to get their hands on the most wanted item. And a few of these people have went as far as hacking Skyllus vBi’s account. And not just once but three times in the last two months.

The worst thing is that Microsoft isn’t helping the poor guy – 18004MYXBOX has hung up on him and Windows Live Support has turned a blind eye to the issue. So he and his buddies are working on getting the message heard by as many as possible with the obvious goal of forcing Microsoft and Bungie to deal with the issue.

I’m no lawyer but if they manage find this guy – and they think they might already have is IP address since he was dumb enough go and brag about his “achievement” on a forum – could this perhaps be treated as identity theft?

Update: Microsoft investigating Halo 3 armor hack