Rumor: MGS4 coming to Xbox 360

Rumors are always fun so why not start the new year off with one of the hottest ones of last year. Ready? Here we go.

The same site that last week brought the rumor of a Snake killer is now saying that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be released on the 360. The site claims that this news comes straight from a Konami distribution representative who said at an undisclosed distribution meeting that the 360 version has been in development since early 2007 and will arrive 12-14 months after the PS3 version.

While the site states several times that this is not a rumor, name of the Konami rep is not disclosed. They also contacted John Porcaro from Microsoft’s global marketing team hoping to get some kind of info but who ended up giving the usual runaround which ended with “no comment”.

What’s our take on this you ask ? While we really want this to be true – no names and no official confirmation = filed under rumors.

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