Microsoft and Epic with biggest spaces at GDC

The floor plans for this years Game Developers Conference (GDC) show that Microsoft and Epic have the largest presence without contest at the industry event. The companies have secured the two biggest floor spaces, located side by side on the 1st floor in Moscone Center’s West Hall.

This has lead some people to believe that perhaps the inevitable sequel to one of the biggest games on the 360 – Gears of War – will be officially announced. With the recent discovery that a Gears of War novel is on the way which will expand the Gears universe, it doesn’t seem unlikely. After all, it has to happen some time.

When asked about the interesting booth locations by TeamXbox, Epic’s VP Mark Rein only said that Epic has a presence at GDC to support their engine business.

GDC will take place next month in San Fransisco, on February 18-22.