Mass Effect possible on other systems, just not now

With any successful game that’s exclusive to just one system, there are always rumors flying around of it coming to the competitors machine. And Mass Effect is no different, especially now that Electronic Arts has bought BioWare.

Even industry analyst Micheal Pachter “wouldn’t be shocked if Mass Effect 1 came to PlayStation 3.”

But according to BioWare’s Community Coordinator Chris Priestly, that’s not – at least for now – in the cards. Priestly has said on the official BioWare forums that while the company surely could develop Mass Effect for PlayStation 3 (or the PC, or some other platform), they currently are not doing so.

So there’s still hope that this great franchise will one day arrive on other platforms. As Microsoft recently announced, the game has sold well so there’s definitely more money to be made here. But if you want to play it any time soon then you’d better get yourself a 360.