More on Gamespot’s credibility

As you know, there was a little ‘incident’ late last November where Jeff Gerstmann, a Gamespot employee for ten years, was fired because some people didn’t like the tone of his Kane & Lynch review. If you missed it, read up on it here.

Looks like we’re not done with the whole ‘Gamespot losing credibility’ thing yet. One of their longtime contributors has made a farewell announcement a few days ago, saying he no longer plans to contribute to the popular site.

In his message, he said he believes that the management of Gamespot’s parent company – CNet – is planning to soften the site’s tone and push for higher review scores in order to make advertisers happy.

In the comments section of his own announcement, he wished to clarify once more: “The GameSpot staff are NOT corrupt. GameSpot itself is NOT the problem. CNet is. CNet’s management is. The problem lies with the puppet masters. Unfortunately, those masters have RUINED GameSpot’s credibility and reputation… a reputation built up for more than a decade.”

Gamespot will no doubt continue to be one of the most popular gaming sites out there as they get a lot of exclusive stuff. But it would be somewhat wise to watch out for their reviews from now on.