BioShock 2 to be a prequel ?

Considering how well Bioshock has been received by both the gamers and the critics, plus its financial success, an expansion of the franchise is pretty much guaranteed. But what could the second game be about?

Well, lets turn on the rumor mill and find out! According to a Czech gaming site who claim to have a source within 2K Games, the next game is already in pre-production and could be out by mid-2009. The events will take place before the events that took place in the original game. The rise/fall of Rapture perhaps? According to the Czech site, the developers’ primary focus at the moment is graphic design and story.

When asked about these tumors, a 2K Games representative said they had “nothing to announce at all.” Oh well, perhaps they’re ready to talk at GDC (February 18-22) or E3 (July 15-17) then.