Crytek releases Crysis 1.1 patch

Crytek has finally released the first Crysis patch. Numbered v1.1, the patch fixes memory leaks, improves SLI/Crossfire performance and includes multiplayer tweaks among some other problems. Here are a few download locations: one, two, three.


  • Damage dealt to vehicles when shot by LAW has been made consistent
  • F12 (screenshot) now works in restricted mode as well
  • When player melees during gun raise animation, their gun will not be in a permanently raised position anymore
  • Memory leaks and potential crashes


  • Improved SLI / Crossfire support and performance
  • Improved overall rendering performance (DX9 and DX10)
  • Enabled VSync functionality in D3D10


  • Reduced grenade explosion radius in multiplayer
  • Clamped water tessellation to avoid cheating in MP
  • Reduced LAW splash damage vs. infantry in PowerStruggle mode
  • Slowed Rocket projectile speed down in MP slightly

Crytek supported Far Cry for years after the game was released so you can safely bet on there being more Crysis patches on the way as well.