McDonald’s blames video games for obesity

Steve Easterbrook, the CEO of McDonald’s UK, is blaming video games for childhood obesity in a piece published by The Times.

Easterbrook: “The issue of obesity is complex and is absolutely one our society is facing, there’s no denial about that. But if you break it down I think there’s an education piece: how can we better communicate to individuals the importance of a balanced diet and taking care of themselves?

“Then there’s a lifestyle element: there’s fewer green spaces and kids are sat home playing computer games on the TV when in the past they’d have been burning off energy outside.”

While exercise is surely beneficial to ones health, it sounds to me like McDonald’s is trying to jump on the video game haters bandwagon by saying this. Understandably McDonald’s has a big business to protect and the suits need to deflect some of the blame to somewhere else.

But you can’t get obese by playing video games. It would be like saying you get obese by reading a book or sleeping. No! You get obese by eating bunch of crappy food. This man fails at logic.